About LAG

The Basics

Image by Radar2004. Check out their Deviantart page by clicking the image.

This will lay out the most basic aspect of the comic that might confuse readers unfamiliar with the games it is based on. Team Fortress 2 is the main focus of LAG! and while we mix and match the characters of all Valve games including the Team Fortress, Half-Life, Portal, and Left 4 Dead franchises (as well as non-Valve properties at times), we ultimately return to our main duo of the Heavy and Medic. It is important to note in understanding this comic, that while there is only one Rochelle (L4D2), there are two (2) Medics (one from Team BLU and one from Team RED.) In Team Fortress 2 there are two main factions, BLU and RED, and each team has the exact same cast except for color. In our comic we try to give each individual somewhat different qualities between their BLU and RED counterparts, but ultimately they are duplicates of each other. If you're unfamiliar with the series, just pay attention to the colors of each character. Unless we are doing themed comics like for Halloween when all individuals were in costume, or a tribute comic like the Phineas & Ferb comic, the character's respective team affiliations will be noted by the colors they wear.
The Characters
Her name: Helen. Her title: Administrator. We all know her as the Announcer, that commanding voice that announces each battle and alerts you to any important information during combat. She's tricky, and plays both BLU and RED against each other. She is not a woman you want mad at you.

While we haven't seen Announcer in the comic yet, she has been mentioned. Stay tuned for further developments.
Archimedes is the ringleader of Medic's doves, and the one whom can arguably be called his favorite. He has a tendency to nest inside people undergoing surgery (a move he has long since abandoned after once getting sealed into RED Scout's chest.)

In our comic, he leads the Archimedes Team, the "air raid" team of doves Medic keeps.
One of two cooperative testing robots designed by GLaD0S, Atlas is the short staunchy member of that dynamic duo. Through test after test, (and death after death), he keeps right on testing. Don't think he's just the average robot though, this guy's got personality and isn't shy to show it.

The Costello to P-body's Abbott, our Atlas in this comic's world is a lovable goof with a kind heart that loves to help his fellow fleshy test subjects. We've only just briefly seen him leaving gifts for a sleeping Chell, but we'll see more of him soon.
Bill is a rough war vet, who was thought to have died back when his team had fought off several tanks to escape to safety from the zombie apocalypse.

However, he has somehow survived and for some reason any birds or bird-like entities sends him into a blind killer rage.
Wallace Breen
Originally an administrator at Black Mesa, he was responsible for the enslavement of earth at the end of the Seven Hour War. Dr. Breen in our comics is a tad more cynical, and more apt to take the dic-tator role, as well as an avid golfer and bird watcher. He seems to be out for Gordon Freeman's blood, though he could just be sending him an invitation for tea. We'll see more of him down the road.
Barney Calhoun
Originally some random faceless dude from his days in Black Mesa, Barney came out on his own as an undercover officer for the Resistance in City 17. He owes Gordon Freeman a beer, or so he says. However, our Barney is also a bit of a smart-assed dickbag.
Defined in one word by GLaD0S: "stupid" (or more accurately: "stoooooopid".) Contrary to what GLaD0S may think of her, Chell is a brilliant strategist that uses her natural mental and physical agility, combined with an Aperture Portal Device and her sometimes allies to solve seemingly impossible tests in a bid for survival.

At present our Chell is asleep, as per canon, but as per the rules of a parody comic, that might just change. Stay tuned for further developments, and we just might see our favorite silent heroine in action.
Coach, before the zombie outbreak, was a high school football coach. He's built like a house, and moves about as fast, but nothing stands in his way. A running gag for Coach in the community is his obsession with chocolate, and in game Nick jokes about there being a chocolate helicopter waiting to motivate him.

Our Coach is obsessed with football, and doesn't mind playing a game or two with a living and decapitated spy head. We'll see more of him as the zombie situation develops in the future.
Demoman's real name is Tavish DeGroot. Born in Scottland, he lost his eye to a ghost inhabiting an enchanted book when he was a young boy. As a man, he is a total and complete drunkard, and is known to "shag your wife", as he puts it. He is also scarily knowledgible about explosive devices and the physics of how something would react to getting blown all to hell and back. Currently takes care of his poor blind mother in DeGroot Manor.
Ellis is not an intellectually driven individual. He's not stupid per se, but it's not brilliant by any means. His obsessions include horses, nascar, Kiddy Land (an amusement park in the game), and his friend Keith.

Our Ellis is based largely on our gameplay experiences with him. He's often in the way, underfoot, or attracting the horde. Did we mention his obsessions? Don't worry if we didn't, he will. He never. shuts. up.
Dell Conagher is the Engineer, holder of round 11 PhDs. He hails from Bee Cave, Texas, and has what seems to be a never ending supply of cases of Texas brand whoop ass.

Our RED Engineer has displayed, thus far, that there is no such thing as too much gun, and he isn't afraid to prove it.
Euclid's amorphous form is part of his overall charm. He was created by our RED Medic's Grandpa Johann, and, after being shown to Medic, ended up with ping-pong balls for eyes. He is named after Euclid, the father of geometry, and his physical properties are still largely unknown.
Gordon Freeman
A man of few words, with a PhD in crowbar wielding and ass-kicking. Also shares Johann's love for Sharpies, apparently.
After surviving having parts of her burnt in the incinerator and re-living the last few minutes of her "life", GLaDOS was accidentally re-activated, and quickly found herself on the path to boredom. She seems to be behind the zombie apocalypse in some form, though it isn't 100% clear as to how. Though she has backed up his brain to prove how stupid he is, GLaDOS seems to have need of Dr. Krutz.
Heavy is short for Heavy Weapons Guy. He hails from the Motherland of Russia, and has his minigun Sascha as his life long companion. He had a lodge back home, that was apparently isolated in the woods and only accessable by sled dogs.

Our RED Heavy, however, left this isolated existence, and ended up becoming roommates with RED Medic after Medic left his now ex-wife, which proved to be beneficial after Medic pegged a witch in the head with a pumpkin.
Johann is our RED Medic's grandfather, from the German state of Bavaria. He's a tad bit on the eccentric side, claiming that in his youth, he was a very tall, handsome man with a buxom mustache that swooned all the ladies. He's now three feet tall and has a mustache painted on a finger of his glove so he can look intelligent and distinguished while thinking. He is also the inadvertent creator of the Frankenkreple, and is also behind the creation of his pet, Euclid.
Isaac Kleiner
The friendly doctor who keeps a headcrab as a pet after de-beaking it. He's a tad timid and scatterbrained, his days in Black Mesa were marked by his leaving his keys in his lab, only for Gordon and Barney to race through the vents to grab them.
The headcrab formerly known as Goethe turned out to be quite possibly THE cutest headcrab ever, and also goes by the name of Lamarr. Medic and Heavy found her during one of their team battles, and Medic fell for her... cuteness. After finding out Lamarr's identity, Medic reluctantly sets out on a mission to return Lamarr to Dr. Kleiner.
Medic is a German born man who lost his medical license to legally practice medicine after one of his patients somehow ended up losing his skeleton. While he still isn't 100% sure how the hell this happened, he had taken up the medigun technology he created to go out onto the battlefield to help keep his team alive.

Our RED Medic's name is Fritz Krutz, and he is a tad bit cynical, sarcastic, and a bit of a smartass. His best buds are Heavy and Archimedes.
Miss Pauling
Miss Pauling is Announcer Helen's "second in command", set to take over should something happen to the Announcer.

Our Pauling is a bit of a tattle tale, though deep down, she doesn't really want to run RED and BLU. She would rather own a gun shop in Amarillo and maybe even open a bakery next door.
Nick is the embodiment of slick. He's a dapper guy with a checkered past caught in the wrong place at the wrong time when the zombie outbreak happened. Despite his attitude, he's actually really helpful. He's got it rough though, having to put up with Ellis pushes him almost beyond his breaking point.

We haven't really seen much of our Nick yet, but we'll be sure to develop his character further in the near future. Stay tuned.
The second of two cooperative testing robots designed by GLaD0S, P-body is the tall and lanky member of that dynamic duo. Unlike your typical throw away robot, P-body is not short on personality and will take time out of her busy testing day to taunt GLaD0S or tease her buddy Atlas. (Yes, P-body is female.)

Very much the Abbott to Atlas's Costello (well, a female Abbott), our P-body can be a bit of a know it all prat. That's all we can say about her for now, but we'll be seeing more of her in the near future.
Pyro's name is... unknown. In fact, it isn't even known if Pyro is male or female, nevermind which side we're talking about. Pyro is known to love anything with flowers on it. While that alludes to a feminine trait, Pyro has also been caught peeing standing up. So the jury's still out.

Pyro has only been seen in a couple brief cameos, but he/she/it will return soon.
Doug Rattmann
Trapped and alone, Doug Rattmann has gone mad inside Aperture Labs. The day they sent GLaD0S he was lost. She killed almost everyone else in the facility using a deadly neurotoxin. Almost everyone. Chell survived so that GLaD0S might have a testing subject, and for Rattmann so that he might have hope. He obsesses and watches over her, and while he's never been seen in game, there is a bounty of mad scribblings and beautiful artwork he's left on the walls of the facility throughout the Portal games.

Like his canonical counterpart, our Rattmann is mad and lives in hiding. We've only just met him, but as he's done in game, he's tried to leave a little something to help Chell out, and he's left his mark as well. We'll see more of him in the future.
Rochelle is the lady in pink. She's great in a fight and holds her own alongside her teammates through wave after wave of zombie hordes. This is one young lady you don't want to mess with.

Like Nick, we've only caught a few glimpses of Rochelle. She'll be developed further as the zombie arc resurfaces in the near future.
Scout thinks of himself as a big deal. And maybe in his world, he is. BLU Scout, however... is a little crazy. Nuts, even.

Forever jacked up on Pixie Sticks and Mountain Dew, he exists purely to drive both Heavy and Fritz insane (and in some cases, even succeeds, as we'll see in the future.) We haven't met RED Scout yet, but it's rumored that he moonlights on weekends as a skating rink disc jockey.
Scout's Mom
She has it all - a dashing, dangerous bad boy ala RED Spy, a nice home, and her sons, the youngest of which is BLU Scout. She's a little on the slow side, and sometimes she doesn't even acknowledge her son's presence when RED Spy is around, but overall, she is a kind, gentle woman with a couple of screws missing.

We've given our BLU Scout's mother the name Charlene, and her twin sister (RED Scout's mother) the name Marlene. Marlene hasn't been seen as of late, but we'll meet her soon enough...
Sniper is a very sarcastic Aussie who is also a pro hunter and would hunt game that'd make Chuck Testa green with envy. Mostly a loner, he lives in his camper, which totally isn't creepy at all, you guys. He's quick to note that he is not a murderer, he is an assassin. One is a job, the other is a psychopath.

RED Sniper's real name is Lawrence Mundy, and lately he's been hanging around with Medic and Heavy. BLU Sniper is just a bloody troll that pisses in jars.
The Soldier's name is Jane Doe, maggot, and he will remind you of this... if you ask him. This mad Midwestern man has a thing for collecting heads of his enemies, eating ribs (not theirs), and hanging out with the Demoman from the opposite team. He's also known for some sick stunts he performs with his rocket launcher.

RED Soldier is currently stuck in between two Portals thanks to BLU Scout, falling at terminal velocity, and curses loudly at Medic and Heavy for not figuring out a way to get him out of it between bouts of motion sickness.
Spy is a dapper fellow, a dashing rogue, and he hails from France. A master of disguise, Spy can be anyone. Some spies are better than others, but RED spy is known for the path of destruction he leaves behind him, and the love of BLU Scout's Mom he carries with him.

In our comic, BLU Spy has found himself as a disembodied head as seen in the Meet the Medic video. This has led to some craziness as other characters have dressed him up, used him as decorations, and even played football with him (he got to be the ball!) RED spy has been more fortunate in that he still has a body, but he's also had a face full of piss thanks to a trolling BLU Sniper. Who has it worse? We shall wait and see!